A storyboard creator for any project

Craft a narrative to uncover how customers think and feel with an intuitive storyboard creator. Improve your product or services by visualizing your customer journey and understanding their needs.

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Ready-made Storyboard templates

Create a storyboard with any kind of content, including images, videos, logos, icons, and embedded URLs. Speed up the process by using a storyboard template ready to use and make it your own.

One shared space

Miro’s storyboard creator allows you to work in one shared space, where teams capture and organize ideas, gain insights and define customer wants and needs at every stage of their journey.

Limitless board and features

Imagine how your customer will act, think and feel and define the situations and stages of their journey. Sketch scenarios, add images, and paint a picture to visualize your customer experience.

Why Miro is the best storyboard creator

Bring ideas to life

Ideate, outline, and sketch your customer journey with Miro’s online storyboarding tool. Unleash your ideas on Miro's infinite canvas and co-create new experiences and solutions with your team.

Master storytelling

Use apps like Google Images and Unsplash to create an appealing storyboard, or sketch your customer journey freehand. Miro’s storyboard creator has robust editing features that help you create a storyboard the way you want.

Deep dive into your customer's mind

Validate concepts and assumptions by running user interviews using your storyboard creator and customer journey tools. Ask if the situations you show are familiar, and draw insights by adding notes directly on your board.

Give and receive instant feedback

Get instant feedback from others and see the many possible scenarios. Miro’s storyboard maker allows you to comment, edit and iterate your story with just a few clicks, in real time or async.

Share it

Easily share your storyboard by exporting at high fidelity. Download it as an image or PDF and gain visibility no matter what medium you choose.

Go beyond the presentation deck

Be the voice of the customer in the room and ditch uninspired slide decks. Bring the customer experience close to stakeholders, add your storyboard to presentations, and show insights that will resonate across teams.


Unlock your customer's journey with the Storyboard Template. Imagine different scenarios and improve your product or service.

Take your audience through a captivating narrative and create a compelling case with the Storyboard Presentation Template.

Understand the reasoning behind their choices and design the best product experience and meet your customer's needs.

Define your ideal customer with the Buyer Persona Template and unlock your product potential by building a service people love.

Display information visually and create engaging and eye-catching presentations with an Infographic Template.

Create a storyboard collaboratively

Bring strategic, creative, and product teams together to craft your customer journey. Get everyone rowing in the same direction with boards that put projects and context all in one place.

Design Thinking

Generate ideas, uncover insights, and transform the way your team builds products.

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Mood board

Gather inspiration, collect ideas and start visualizing your project’s look and feel all in one tool.

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UX Design tool

Create end-to-end design flows, organize insights and collect feedback without constraints.

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Unleash your creative ideas on an infinite canvas and collaborate in real time.

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How to create a storyboard with Miro


Select the template

You can create a storyboard from scratch or use our ready-made template.


Define your main actor

Every story has a main actor, and your customer journey is no different. Define who is the persona you want to target and what scenarios they will experience with your service or product.


Start storyboarding

Get creative and build your customer journey. The board is limitless!

Storyboard creator FAQS

There are many ways you can create a storyboard without drawing. With Miro, you don’t need to be a designer or illustrator to storyboard. Our ready-made template allows you to craft a compelling storyboard with images, photos, and any other visual references you see fit by adding them directly to your board from apps such as Google Images and Unsplash.

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