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A powerful relationship chart maker

Use Miro’s relationship chart maker to effortlessly visualize even the most complex connections between individuals, organizations, or communities. Collaborate in real-time, easily share your work, and make changes on the go.

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A relationship chart maker designed to be effortless

Between automated diagramming features, a drag-and-drop interface, and multiple grid views, anyone can build an elaborate and visually compelling relationship map in no time.

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Why Miro is the best relationship chart maker

Seamless collaboration

Build your relationship chart online with others by inviting them to edit your Miro board in real-time. Rather share your work when you’re ready? Invite others to view and leave comments with feedback.

Plenty of customizable templates

Miro offers plenty of free and fully customizable relationship mapping templates, saving you time from having to build a chart from scratch — all while allowing you to make it your own.

Live and async presentations

Use Presentation Mode to host live, interactive sessions on your relationship map — or use TalkTrack to record immersive audio and video walkthroughs to share asynchronously.

Switch between devices

Working on the go? Easily make changes to your relationship map regardless of the device you’re on — whether you’re working from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

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How to create a relationship chart in Miro

An image showing how to make a relationship chart in Miro


Set up your Miro board

Create a new board in Miro and invite any collaborators you’d like to build your relationship chart with.


Choose a relationship mapping template

Open one of Miro’s many relationship mapping templates depending on the type of chart you need. Not sure where to start? Explore some of our relationship mapping tools, such as our genogram maker, ecomap maker, and organizational chart creator.


Fill the template in

Replace the template’s pre-written text with your own by double-clicking on text boxes to start editing. Duplicate or remove any pre-made shapes, text boxes, and connection lines as needed.


Customize the template

Make the relationship map your own by customizing shape sizes and colors, font sizes and types, or even your Miro board’s background color. Use sticky notes to add context, and drag and drop your own images for a personal touch.

An image showing how to make a relationship chart in Miro

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“Miro helps solve one of the major gaps in product design: how to manage tasks across product designers whose projects are in different tools.”

Jane Ashley

Head of Design at DocuSign

Relationship chart maker FAQs

Yes, Miro offers a free plan that allows you to collaborate with an unlimited number of team members. Explore all our plans to choose the best one for your goals.

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