Give online meetings that in-person energy

Engaged teams. Free-flowing ideas. Creative energy. That’s how a meeting should feel — even when it’s a hybrid meeting. With our visual workspace and remote facilitation tools, Miro makes meeting online more human, productive, and fun.

Over 70M+ users love Miro.

Make online meetings collaborative

Transform passive attendees into active, engaged participants and recreate the energy of collaborating at the in-office whiteboard.

Amplify every voice

Most online meeting apps only offer one way for users to communicate: talking. That means one person contributes at a time (far too often the same person), and many valuable ideas don’t get shared or heard. Miro is made for everyone — true multi-user collaboration. We amplify each team member’s voice with sticky notes and other tools and make meetings online fast-paced and engaging.

Elevate gatherings on an enterprise scale

Bringing Miro to your company or organization enhances team collaboration and revolutionizes web meetings — making them centralized, scalable, easily manageable, and fully secure.

Why teams choose Miro to run meetings online

Ready-made templates help you focus on outcomes

You don’t have to be a designer to make your meetings visually impactful. Set up quickly and run virtual meetings and workshops with robust pre-built templates — or make and save your own.

Many features to help you along the way

Interact remotely with live cursor tracking and discuss ideas freely with built-in video conferencing tools. Don’t forget to keep it fun and human with sticky notes, voting, and emojis.

Be the host your team deserves

Miro turns everyone into a skilled facilitator and every meeting into a productive, collaborative gathering of minds. Easily design meeting presentations step-by-step with frames and align everyone with a shared agenda and attention management features.

Bring your favorite tools to your meetings, too

With our 180+ integrations, you can keep using your favorite tools to track tasks, document work, access files, video chat, and more.

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Create a lasting record of what happened during a meeting.

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Keep focused on your quick daily check-in meeting with the Daily Stand-up Meeting template. Help your team work together more effectively.

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Make your meeting or workshop more human, productive, and fun

Our visual workspace is powerful, adaptable, and easy to use. From planning your presentation to keeping your team engaged, we keep things streamlined and simple for you at every step.

Meeting facilitation

Online facilitation doesn't have to be challenging. Make virtual meetings engaging, inclusive, and fun with Miro.

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Virtual workshops

Bring your in-person presence and room-reading skills to every workshop — and feel the energy from guests who are truly engaged. Miro's visual workspace lets you run virtual workshops your way.

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Virtual facilitation

When you're running a successful workshop, you get those magical moments — where everything's clicking, everyone's engaged, and you're in full control.

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online meeting huddle board

Online huddle boards

Bring everyone together in one integrated huddle board, and ensure all relevant content for your team is easy to access at all times.

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How to use Miro to run a meeting


Set up a board

You can build a board from scratch or start with one of our ready-made templates. (Need inspiration? Explore Miroverse to see what our community is creating.) Then use frames, stickies, shapes, colors, and flourishes to personalize your presentation or meeting agenda.


Take video to new heights

Forget the quaint old way to video conference. With video chat built into your collaborative workspace, Miro makes remote and hybrid meetings engaging, effective, and altogether new.


Pick who attends — and keep their attention

Our permission settings let you safely and easily choose who’s invited. Then, use live cursor tracking to see and interact with teammates, and the Bring Everyone to Me feature to grab their attention and keep them following along.


Create presentations that steal the show

Use our frames feature to create your presentation, then hit presentation mode. No need to switch back and forth between your Miro board and a deck.


Make the meeting more interactive

Keep them excitedly ideating, spitballing, and chiming in while you facilitate. Miro inspires interactivity with features like sticky notes, emoji reactions, and voting.

Get on board in seconds

Join thousands of teams using Miro to do their best work yet.

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