Run better online brainstorming sessions

Unleash your creative ideas on an infinite canvas and collaborate in real time from any location. Brainstorm in many formats with sticky notes, diagrams, and more.

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Everything in one place

Gather references and import data from spreadsheets automatically. Build the vision with sticky notes, drawings, diagrams, images, docs, and gifs, with access from any device.

Run a brainstorm session, even remotely

Facilitate brainstorm sessions where everyone can participate regardless of their location.

Accelerate innovation

The best ideas often arise when you give them a little breathing room. Miro's infinite canvas is up to the task, offering teams the space and tools they need for blue-sky thinking.

Why Miro is the perfect brainstorming tool

Uncover the best ideas

Democratize creation and discover the best ideas with anonymous voting. Stay organized and ensure nothing falls through the cracks with keyword search, tagging, clustering, and mind mapping.

Your idea management platform

Maintain a single source of truth and understand the “why” behind decisions. Keep your brainstorming board as a reference for future ideations, and improve processes and planning.

Become an advocate

Steer the ideation process across the organization. Facilitate workshops where everyone can participate. With Miro's brainstorming tool it’s easy to capture physical boards in seconds with Stickies capture and convert them to fully editable digital sticky notes.

Track progress

Move and track ideas through the pipeline from concept to execution. Use our free brainstorming tool to visualize ideas, draft your action plan, and follow up on the next steps.

Related templates

Get team members moving, sharing, and generating ideas quickly with Miro’s Stickies Packs template.

Work collaboratively and build agreement when implementing changes and making decisions with your team.

Reverse your thinking in order to find the solution to a problem.

Perfect for generating tons of ideas—fast! It is a design thinking method bringing unique perspectives in a visual idea to communicate your ideas.

Use our Random Words Template to generate new ideas and solve problems with this association technique.

Add quiet ideation to your brainstorming to generate and improve upon ideas with the Brainwriting Template.

More than your regular brainstorming tool

Miro is a visual collaboration platform that lets you ideate plans, co-create solutions, and take action. Run your brainstorming sessions efficiently and boost idea generation and creativity across your organization.

Online sticky notes

Miro's digital collaboration tool is a visual workspace where you can work with sticky notes online — and so much more.

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Mind map

Give ideas structure, share them across teams. The quickest, easiest way for teams to capture, organize, and map out their ideas.

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Concept Map

Use Miro's concept map to link key concepts to get a big picture overview. Bring structure to concepts through visual collaboration.

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Hybrid work

How we work has changed. Your tools should too. Experience seamless collaboration, no matter when or where you work, in Miro.

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How to run an online brainstorming session with Miro


Select a template

Choose from our vast brainstorming template collection. Use it as a starting point for your brainstorming session.


Give structure to your brainstorm

Organize your board by dividing it into sections or adding frames and having a clear structure for your virtual brainstorming to ensure everyone stays on track during the session.


Collaborate and co-create

Invite your team to join you on the board and have them add their ideas using sticky notes.


Refine your ideas

Start a discussion and refine your ideas until you have a clear action plan. By the end of your brainstorming session, you should have drafted a plan that everyone is on board with.

Brainstorming tool FAQs

Yes, 100%, and it doesn't require a credit card to sign up. After you sign up for Miro, you can add the Brainstorming Tools Template from the template picker, invite as many team members as you need to your board for free, and start collaborating with your team.

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