Welcoming Uizard to Miro

We’re excited to announce that Uizard has joined Miro

Who is Uizard? 

Since 2018, Uizard has been focused on applying the power of machine learning and generative AI to product design, making it possible for anyone to create interactive prototypes, wireframes and designs in a matter of minutes, not hours, days or weeks. Their market-leading, collaborative, AI-powered UI design tool is already used by more than three million professionals worldwide.

They’re empowering innovators, disruptors, and creators — enabling them to turn their wildest ideas into beautiful UIs, wireframes, and prototypes with ease. 

Uizard x Miro

We’re excited to have the Uizard team join us at Miro. We share the same vision and passion for empowering teams to accelerate their product lifecycle and create the next big thing as quickly as possible. We see a real opportunity to democratize design-thinking for cross-functional product delivery teams, helping them get from idea to outcome faster and more efficiently. 

Introducing Autodesigner 2.0

And Uizard is wasting no time, launching their latest AI engine, Autodesigner 2.0, today! 

Autodesigner 2.0 combines the conversational flow of ChatGPT with Uizard’s generative UI capabilities and drag-and-drop editor to provide users with an AI design assistant at their fingertips.

Empower innovators, disruptors, and creators in your organization

Experience Uizard today!

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