ServiceRocket extends the power of Miro with a new suite of enterprise-ready integrations

ServiceRocket’s new apps and integrations provide incredible value to Miro users across Salesforce, GitHub, and Autodesk.

ServiceRocket is a technology solutions partner that helps thousands of enterprises get the most out of their software.

The latest addition to their portfolio of enterprise-ready solutions: a suite of new apps and integrations for Miro’s public App Marketplace

By partnering with Miro and leveraging our Partner and Developer Platform, ServiceRocket built three highly requested integrations to provide even more value to our users: Salesforce for Miro, GitHub for Miro, and Autodesk for Miro. Together, these integrations will help teams collaborate, plan, design, and work together better.  

Streamlining enterprise workflows

ServiceRocket’s app development journey on Miro’s Partner and Developer Platform began by identifying gaps in the enterprise user’s workflows, focusing on use cases such as sales enablement and Agile rituals. We worked hand-in-hand as Marketplace Partners to ideate and create around these core use cases, ultimately producing three comprehensive apps to streamline product development for Miro users.  

Salesforce for Miro

With 70M+ users, Miro caters to users across the product development spectrum and to large sales organizations that need to collaborate in real time for planning, pipeline management, and more. But before working with ServiceRocket, Miro didn’t provide an avenue for people in sales roles to sync their planning in Miro with data in Salesforce. ServiceRocket saw this need for more sales enablement support in Miro and took this product gap from ideation to fruition with their latest app.

The Salesforce for Miro app enables users to interact with Salesforce data from directly within their Miro board. With this new app, you can now use Miro to manage sales activities, account planning, opportunity management, and more, with a direct connection between Salesforce and Miro.

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GitHub for Miro

Every day, thousands of software engineers and product managers leverage both Miro and GitHub for planning and tracking their work. And now, with the GitHub for Miro app, they’ll have a way to seamlessly sync their GitHub issues and milestones with Miro cards. 

This realtime, bi-directional sync between GitHub and Miro will enhance collaboration across platforms, reduce costs for product and engineering organizations, and increase efficiency. With the GitHub Connector, you can bulk convert GitHub issues to cards in Miro, search and add issues, and more, facilitating better product planning, streamlining agile rituals, and enhancing brainstorming sessions.

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Autodesk for Miro

The Autodesk app by ServiceRocket brings the power of Autodesk into Miro, allowing you to import 3D files from your Autodesk account directly onto a Miro board. No longer do designers, engineers, or architects need to switch back and forth between Autodesk and ideating in Miro.

The Autodesk app by ServiceRocket allows users to import files, set different view angles as a widget, instantly capture screenshots, and more. Not to mention, you can bring the complete Forge Viewer experience to your Miro board.

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Explore these apps on the Miro Marketplace

The Miro Marketplace is home to a public collection of hundreds of trusted apps and integrations — including these new launches from ServiceRocket — that help Miro users streamline their workflows and connect their favorite tools. 

Want to learn more about ServiceRocket and their offerings on the Marketplace? Head to their dedicated Marketplace page.

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