Elevating team collaboration with Miro and Google Workspace

Imagine a typical day at work that starts with checking Google Calendar to prepare for where you need to be and when. With engaging discussions, your teams create Google Docs to take notes on the important decisions coming out of the meetings and begin writing briefs to kick off your company’s next big project. Then you turn to Sheets to track the KPIs and leverage Slides to prepare the final presentation for your executive leadership by 4pm that day. These are the de facto tools for every part of work, and we see an opportunity to connect the dots and bring the big picture into full view.

For millions of teams on Google Workspace, working in Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides is ubiquitous with how they work independently and collaboratively with their teams every day. As many organizations evaluate the shift to a hybrid work model, they’re mindful of the employee experience for remote and in-person team members alike. Today we’re announcing a strategic partnership between Miro and Google Workspace that will go one step further in fostering creative moments and collaborative work to fuel innovation.

Together, we’re committing to make collaboration more equitable and inclusive right from the start of your day, project, or meeting. We’re extending existing capabilities with Google Calendar, creating seamless workflows during live conversations within Google Meet, and supporting deeper integrations with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides to easily visualize how work is connected.

Miro for meetings

Coming in early 2022, conversations in Google Meet will become more interactive with Miro. Before the meeting begins, simply attach Miro boards to your Google Calendar invite so all of your participants can see the full picture and begin brainstorming to make the most out of the synchronous time together. Once in a meeting, collaborate on a Miro board embedded directly within Meet to drive active participation and guided facilitation that delivers more impactful results from your meetings.

Connecting the Docs

Docs, Sheets or Slides provide us with powerful real-time collaboration tools across the lifecycle from ideation to presentation. With our existing integration between Miro and Google Drive, teams can easily access and embed all your Docs, Sheets and Slides on Miro’s infinite canvas, making it a highly effective and engaging way to visualize the entire project in a single shared space. Plus content automatically stays in sync across Miro and Drive so your team is always up to date on the latest content.

Learn more about using Miro in Workspace

We’re proud to partner with Google to bring visual collaboration to Workspace and Miro users. Connecting teams will be critical to the new ways of working, and Miro and Google will continue to innovate together to launch new tools that boost engagement and creativity. Want to learn even more? Read how Miro works with Google.

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