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Announcing Miro for Webex Messaging

Unlocking hybrid work through visual collaboration

July 13, 2021

Hybrid work calls for tools that are built to quickly switch between in-person and remote collaboration. This is true for both emerging companies and large, globally distributed teams, who need access to tools and resources that can carry over from the conference room to a video meeting.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the first of several upcoming integrations with Cisco Webex: Miro for Webex Messaging. Now, teams can embed Miro boards as tabs in a Webex Messaging team space to seamlessly work together around a shared whiteboard, no matter where or when work happens.

Hollis Kool

Partner Marketing Manager at Miro

Hollis’s background is in understanding collaborative systems (and their failings) from healthcare to the corporate workplace. She thinks about how to design for effective, efficient communication and collaboration in work teams.

Miro for Webex Messaging brings the power of visual collaboration right where teammates communicate today in Webex. Access to Miro’s whiteboard directly within Webex’s App will provide an easy way for teams to co-create during and between meetings, and help scale secure teamwork by bridging in-office and online collaboration.

“As avid users of Miro ourselves at Cisco, we’ve experienced firsthand how visual collaboration has helped us connect with teammates online across a large organization,” says Justin Ramirez, Systems Engineering Director of Cisco Webex. “This partnership with Miro will be paramount for us and our users to easily transition into hybrid teamwork, so I’m excited to take this first step in bringing such a mission-critical tool into Webex.”

Flexible whiteboarding from the office, and from home

At Webex’s recent Hybrid Work Event, flexibility and inclusivity were underscored as two foundational values of an effective hybrid working model.

Bringing a tool like Miro into Webex makes it easier for teams to work as they want to, and removes location as a barrier to good teamwork. Use the same Miro board for meetings with in-office and virtual participants, whether they are logging in from their desktop or mobile device or adding it to a Webex Board. All team members can be working on the Miro board at the same time.

During a meeting, teams can create a new board from scratch to visualize ideas in real-time or choose from an existing board as a way to consolidate tools and documentation for projects.

Whether you have a Miro account or not, invited collaborators can contribute as a guest, making work with clients and cross-functional teams a breeze.

Additionally, Webex users can access over 250+ best practice templates and 80+ integrations with other workflows so any department or team can easily facilitate brainstorms, run agile rituals, execute design thinking activities, and more, using the tools native to their workflows right in Miro.

Whiteboarding for before, during, and beyond the meeting

Hybrid work’s impact on team collaboration can often feel most acute when we think about the live meeting or workshop experience. But many teams face hybrid work environments and globally distributed ones where being able to contribute effectively at any time is critical.

Given that team spaces in Webex Messaging are a site for synchronous and asynchronous conversation, there’s a need for tools that can create a single source of truth. Now with the option to add a Miro board as a tab within a team space, Miro can serve as a hub for information that can evolve as team members add to it over time. This helps level the workplace playing field, so all of those in a team space have visibility into work and access to contribute — without needing to be physically around the office whiteboard or live at the Webex Meeting.

Access to a whiteboard in Webex can also help combat one cause of virtual meeting fatigue: frequent context switching without clear goals, closure, or takeaways. Now, team members have a shared place to engage with ideas during a meeting, then document and track what happened in a meeting to stay on top of key outcomes.

Add a template like Webex’s own Post-Meeting Summary template in Miro as a tab for recurring or one-off team meetings. Miro can then serve as a collaborative place for the team to collectively own meeting notes, assign owners to tasks, and come to a consensus on the meeting takeaways before being swept into the next meeting.

Secure and scalable visual collaboration for the enterprise

Hybrid work also presents IT, Ops, and Security teams with new challenges around security and control when employees work across devices, accounts, and locations, particularly in the enterprise. As a tool that’s approachable to collaborate in and solves needs for every team across an organization, Miro can help scale efficient collaboration and consolidate the need for multiple tools while doing so securely.

With the launch of the Miro and Webex partnership and first of several integrations with the Webex Suite, this opens the door to a comprehensive and flexible way of working, no matter where or how workplaces evolve moving forward.

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