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Meet the new templates experience with 60+ new designs

March 2, 2021

Oh, the blank canvas. While the freedom of a blank slate may be a breath of fresh air for the new year, when you’re in a bit of a bind it can be overwhelming. You can end up spending hours searching for that creative spark and setting everything up just the way you like it from scratch—or you can tap into one of our templates to get the ideas flowing.

When we started building templates for the first time, we wanted to give users the quickest of starts. Over time we’ve expanded our offering, improved our product, and seen the number of use cases multiply. More teams, more roles, more ways of working and sharing ideas, and even more creative ways of pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.

Starting today, you can easily browse our 150+ templates, including the best-in-class templates made by Miroverse creators right from your dashboard, expanding the ways you can discover inspiration to get started even faster.

Kristin Leitch

Templates Product Marketing Manager at Miro

Kristin has worked in brand, design, and product marketing. She is passionate about building templates and tools so nobody ever has to start from scratch.

Now inspiration finds you

No matter who you are or what you do, you can find a template built to empower your work. From planning your product roadmap, creating a beautiful presentation, building website wireframes, and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

The new template experience lets you:

  • ⚡️ Get started faster with templates right from your dashboard
  • 🔎 Quickly find templates via topic tags and featured templates
  • 👩‍🚀 Leverage best practices from the Miroverse Community
  • 📚 Learn all about a template with interactive previews and educational resources
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Try community-made templates

Our endlessly creative community of customers, partners, and experts really love templates — so much that they create their own for you to use.

Jumpstart your next project with a design sprint from Design Sprint Ltd. (the people who literally wrote the book), define jobs to be done with Wicked Problem Solving, make group decisions at lightning speed with AJ&Smart, frame problems with Coda, and more. Explore all community templates in Miroverse.

See how industry leaders get work done in Miro

Build team empathy with a Work Life Impact Play from Atlassian

While we hope teammates demonstrate empathy and understanding to those on their team, sometimes it can be easy to forget. Atlassian shares their Work Life Impact workshop as a stop gap in helping us put our experiences with remote work on the same page so we can support one another and work better together moving forward.

Understand your audience with the Customer Question Board from Mailchimp

UX Research is about understanding our customer problems in order to improve our products. But, what if there are so many different customer problems that a team does not know what to explore next? Whether you’re a product manager, engineers, designer, whatever your role may be, Julia Cowing from Mailchimp shares her user researcher’s toolkit to help you plan your research roadmap.

Clarify expectations with the Triple Diamond from Zendesk

Created by the Zendesk product design team, the Triple Diamond template is used to document their design process, focused around creating a common language. Visualising the diamonds and activities became useful in helping people understand the divergence and convergence at the core of discovery solutions to customer problems. Go wide, then decide.

What’s your dream template?

After you’ve experienced browsing and testing out the new experience, we’d love to know: How did you find it? Are the updates helpful? Any new templates you’d like to see? Let us know what you think.

If you’re feeling inspired, everyone can contribute to our ever-expanding Miroverse world, and for those on a paid plan, you can create your own template to share with your team today.

Any new templates you’d like to see?

Let us know what you think

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