Introducing Miro Experts

Miro pioneered the collaboration market with its online whiteboard back in 2011 (as RealtimeBoard). Early adopters quickly got the benefits of getting together in front of PC screens and collaborating as if they were in the same room, but had trouble defining how to use it for work every day; or, what’s possible, and what’s not? As the solution was completely new, we joined those early enthusiasts in an exciting journey to establish online whiteboarding practices.

Time has passed, whiteboard fans grew to millions of users worldwide, and the use cases for our visual workspace have grown far beyond the horizons we could imagine nine years ago:

Many customers became real experts in integrating Miro into their marketing, design thinking, and scrum practices. So we decided why don’t we let you learn from these time-tested professionals and create a trustworthy expertise hub to search for help, get the most innovative knowledge, or get inspired.

Meet the Miro Experts

We’re launching Miro Experts — a network of hand-selected consultants and agencies — to ensure that every business that comes to Miro is never alone with a collaboration, transformation, or innovation challenge. A set of the best creative and strategic minds from around the world are here to help you master Miro, or just become even more innovative, creative, and successful collaborator.

Miro Experts consult and help Miro customers with:

  1. Agile and Scrum ceremonies
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Business Vision and Strategy
  4. Design Sprints
  5. Design Thinking
  6. Innovation
  7. UX Research
  8. Management consulting
  9. Digital products and services
  10. Marketing and advertising

We’re thrilled to launch this program with our 29 outstanding launch partners covering 24 locations, including the U.S., the Netherlands, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and worldwide and ensure to grow more in the upcoming future.

Why work with Miro Experts

Consult with the best Miro facilitators while learning the product

Your team expectations on the upcoming remote workshops are high. At the same time, you don’t feel 100% comfortable on the agenda or toolkit. Consult or even hire Miro Experts to facilitate your next meeting, learn the best practices, and get simple guidelines on how to move forward.

Example: Limelights are professional facilitators of change for groups of 25 to 1,000 people, and one of the recent online workshops for 180 people using Miro was a huge success.

The feedback we received was just fantastic. In comparison to a face-to-face conference, it’s a lot more inclusive: even the more introvert people are joining, and no idea gets lost.
Kersten Mewes, Head EAME CP Regulatory at Syngenta Basel, Switzerland

Bring your offline skills online

The world wasn’t prepared for 2020. But consulting firms adapted as quickly as possible and offered the new virtual experience to well-known routines.

Example: Abracademy organizes virtual offsites in Miro and creates online magical moments with teams.

What I most appreciated was that this workshop journey kept true to delivering one key message – about how wonder can be created within the constraints (or possibilities) of online spaces.
Velvet, MRes Student at UCL School of Management

Let our design experts transform your complex Miro boards

When you feel comfortable structuring and visualizing information, it’s never too late to add a design polish, especially using the professional help of experts specializing in Miro board design.

Example: Ok, while many people expect that here at Miro we’re the best in boards design, we should admit that we just know what Experts to collaborate with. For example, the team at HUED elevated our recent Distributed 2020 conference with the cleverly designed navigation board you see below.

Finding reliable experts in agile management, design thinking, marketing, and more

Now with the Miro Experts directory, you can more easily identify and work with a trusted group of products and agencies, which is continuously reviewed and growing.

For example, you can quickly contact and work with DesignStudio, one of the leading global brand experience agencies designing, building, and transforming the world’s most ambitious brands like Airbnb, Tencent Games, British Airways, and more.

Prioritize innovation and unlock opportunity

When you feel that you need to see a problem from a different angle and unlock new opportunities, make sure you’ve checked what Miro Experts can offer. They are on the edge of professional transformation, continuously seeking and mastering innovative approaches to common disciplines.

Example: Fluxx is a leading independent innovation company that helps organizations solve complex business problems. They train teams, leaders, and, in some cases, entire businesses to adopt their agile design-thinking methods so that they can solve problems for themselves.

Leverage Miro Experts to discover new solutions

The majority of Miro Experts have years of consulting experience in Miro, and have developed a unique approaches to solving common challenges. If you and your team have exhausted your go-to options, contact an Expert to show you new approaches.

Example: Strategic integration, cinematic storytelling, and sensemaking process are just a few of the unique offerings niwaki offers to their clients, positioning themselves as an interdisciplinary transformation partner.

Becoming a Miro Expert

Only the Experts that demonstrate a strong understanding of Miro, a successful portfolio, and publicly shared best practices, get access. So you can rest assured that you’re in good hands that the Experts you choose to work with can support your unique needs.

We define a Miro Expert as a company or individual that:

  • Has been using Miro for at least 6 months,
  • Has at least 2 boards to share in Miroverse which covers expertise in one of the expert categories,
  • Can demonstrate a portfolio with successful projects for clients.
Every time we run the process with our clients, we improve it and we share with the design community through Miroverse and that’s why we’re so excited to be part of the Miro Experts.
Stu Amos, Head of Strategy at Agency in the Wild, Miro Expert

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