NOVEMBER 07, 2023

Miro acquires Freehand app from InVision

Adding Freehand teams and technology positions Miro to deliver deeper support and value for teams driving innovation at scale

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., and AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, November 6, 2023 – Today, Miro®, the visual workspace for innovation, announced the acquisition of the visual collaboration platform, Freehand, from InVision. The deal includes the technology and brand assets, customer relationships and talent associated with Freehand.

As part of the acquisition, Jeff Chow, former Freehand Chief Product Officer and recently promoted InVision CEO, joins Miro as the company’s new Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO), along with the core team supporting Freehand, bringing together top talent in the visual collaboration space to build stronger products and drive better outcomes for customers.

“Over the years, we’ve made significant investments in the Miro platform — like robust agile workflows support, diagramming, deep integrations across collaboration and product development stacks, extensible platform, and deep enterprise capabilities — all designed to help teams drive innovation at scale.Today’s announcement represents another exciting opportunity to advance our capabilities by leveraging some of the developments from the Freehand team” said Andrey Khusid, founder and CEO, Miro. “The Freehand team shares our passion for solving the hardest problems in collaboration to help customers do more, faster. We’re excited to bring these two teams and technology together, and for Jeff’s leadership, as we deliver the future of collaboration technology.”

Jeff Chow brings 25 years of experience in designing and building organizations focused on delivering customer-centric products designed to solve critical business problems, particularly those around team communication and collaborative problem solving. Prior to his leadership roles at Invision, Chow held product and engineering leadership roles at Google and TripAdvisor as well as co-founding Springpad, a personal assistant mobile app, which was acquired by Google. Chow will now serve as Miro’s CPTO, where he will be responsible for the continued evolution of Miro’s innovation workspace.

“We share Miro’s vision for the future of visual and intelligent collaboration technologies, and the transformative impact the combination of these two teams and technology platforms will have on Freehand and Miro customers moving forward,” said Jeff Chow, CPTO, Miro.

Miro’s mission is to empower teams to create the next BIG thing. The company has supported the innovation journey for its more than 200,000 customer organizations since pioneering the visual collaboration space in 2011. Today, 7 out of the 10 most innovative companies use Miro to increase the speed and impact of innovation within their organizations.

Miro has become the standard for collaborative innovation by delivering an enterprise-grade platform with core capabilities purpose-built for teams that bring new products and services to market every day. It starts with six bundles of capabilities built for all stages of the innovation journey — all in one tool. These include:

The six bundles are combined with an open and flexible platform designed to enable enterprises to adapt Miro to their specific needs through integrations, applications, templates, etc., and it’s all supported by a secure and compliant enterprise foundation designed to help keep data protected and enable Miro to be easily managed across the organization.

About Miro

Miro is a visual workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to build the next big thing. The platform's infinite canvas enables teams to lead engaging workshops and meetings, design products, brainstorm ideas, and more. Miro, co-headquartered in San Francisco and Amsterdam, serves more than 60M users worldwide, including 99% of the Fortune 100. Miro was founded in 2011 and currently has more than 1,800 employees in 12 hubs around the world. To learn more, please visit