Virtual Asynchronous Scavenger Hunt


This is a fun game for remote teams. To create your team's board, lock the scavenger hunt frame, then copy it once for each team member - be sure to add a team member's name to each frame.

To play the asynchronous scavenger hunt, choose a start date and an end date -- usually Monday through Thursday or Friday. This gives the team lots of time to work on the tasks. The key at the top of the board explains how to complete the squares, but you might need to present it to your team or record a short video demonstrating.

The icons indicate what he team member has to post to show that they finished or achieved a goal:

  • a camera icon indicates that the team member should post a photo or image to finish the task

  • a green checkmark means simply mark it as accomplished (we trust you!)

  • a chain means post a hyperlink

  • a pencil means write a note

You can change the accomplishments, the number of accomplishments, and the points awarded as appropriate for your team. We have an 8 person team, so wanted to add enough variety to make a clear winner.

At the end of the week, it's fun to have everyone review everyone else's lists and talk about some of the things in common or different.


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