The Notees - Create your Sticky Notes


Who are the Notees?

Raise the curtain on the Notees! Funny Little sticky notes created by you!

These sweet little Notes are hanging around, looking funny, bringing a good mood to whoever watches them.

Bring them to your Meeting or your Workshop. As an Ice-Breaker for everyone to create his own.

Let the meeting attendees create a Notee by themselves.

Or use a Notee, which is already finished and hanging on the right.

How to use the Notees

  1. Pick a Sticky Note (choose the color you like)

  2. Give your sticky note eyes. If you want, you can give them glasses, too. The Sticky note is now a Notee.

  3. Give your Notee a mouth. Choose a nice one. Give him a moustache? Why not!

  4. Give your sticky note legs. Turn them a little bit. Make them hang around in the air.

  5. Group everything.

  6. Your Notee is finished, fixed, and ready for whatever.

What are the Notees made of ?

The Character parts to choose from are eyes, glasses, beards, mouths, and legs. Bring everything together, mix it, match it, and make it look goofy. There are no rules. Each of the parts is designed and created by myself Andreas Lindenberg.


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Andreas Lindenberg
I specialize in helping individuals and teams in introducing a new way of working with a practical approach. This involves changing the way they think and collaborate in their professional practice – putting Digital Transformation into action. Miro is my daily go-to; I've seen it, loved it, and am now hooked. Whether working solo or collaboratively, it's the centerpiece of my 'digital life,' bridging gaps that other tools can't.
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