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The Minimum Viable Change Toolkit

The MVC offers a comprehensive, 40-minute workshop template that helps people to identify systemic problems worth solving and distill them down into small & tangible interventions that we called the minimum viable change.

Tips for facilitators

Consider the participant's tech knowledge. Not everyone is tech-savvy and Miro can be a challenge. Make sure you give an overview of Miro's main features. You can send tutorials in advance or allocate time before the start of the workshop for a quick recap.

  • Manage time: Allow people to think but keep an eye on the time so the workshop is not too long. Make sure you give heads up when the time is running, but also to be flexible when the participants are enjoying the activity.

  • Inspire: Sometimes it takes a while for participants to feel comfortable typing their thoughts. Inspire them with examples or relevant and short stories. Making people feel that they are together co-creating works better than making them feel that the workshop is an exam to pass. Emphasizes that there are not correct answers.


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Laura Duarte
Service Designer
MA Service Design candidate with a background in Change Management and Employee Experience. In a mission of empowering others & accelerate the transition to the Circular Economy

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