Stronger, Better, Faster: Self-Growth Plan


Stronger, Better, Faster: Self-growth plan is about your personal ambitions and keeping yourself focussed and motivated to go out there and get what you want.

Remember that every champion once was a contender who refused to give up! #Rockyknows.

When to use Stronger, Better, Faster: Self-growth plan?

To keep the Rocky quotes going, Rocky said, “If this is something you wanna do, and if this is something you gotta do, then you do it.”

Stronger, Better, Faster: Self-growth plan, is a set of templates to capture and manage your personal growth ambitions.

It allows you to go from high-level goals, into the details of what those goals truly mean to you, how you will go after them, and aids you to keep track of progress and your mood along the way.

To know yourself is rudimentary to stay persistent and focussed on your way to personal greatness!

Stronger, Better, Faster: Self-growth plan work?

Creating your self-growth plan and keeping motivated reaching your goals revolves around three steps:

  1. Defining high level growth goals. What is it you want to achieve? Define your goals and group them in categories.

  2. Making each goal specific. Select a goal and specify what it is you want to achieve, by when you want to achieve it, the steps you need to take and how you measure success.

  3. Tracking progress and mood towards reaching the goals. Go after your goals and check-in with yourself on a regular basis.

I am confident you will reach your goals and would love to hear if the template helped you in any way. In any case, YOU GOT THIS!


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Klaas Hermans
Managing Director@SharpWitted
As a product leader, I’ve helped C-suite leaders, brands, researchers, designers, and engineers deliver successful products. In my free time, my passion is boxing. One of my favorite coaches of all time is Cus D'amoto. There is a lot to learn from his wisdom. “There is no such thing as a natural puncher. There is a natural aptitude for punching and that is different. Nobody is born the best. You have to practice and train to become the best.” – Cus D’Amato
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