Startup Ideation Workshop


The Startup Ideation Workshop is a fun activity you can run with your team, students, or clients. The workshop can be hosted in about 30-40 min. depending on the group's size.

This workshop was designed to spark creativity and curiosity. You will follow the ideation process of divergent and convergent thinking with a twist of fun. The objective is to show to the participants the power of making unconventional connections.

When to use Startup Ideation Workshop?

This workshop works as an excellent ice-breaker for events, classes, conferences, or design sprints. The workshop is designed to be hosted at a fast pace and to make people comfortable with working on innovative ideas.

There are detailed instructions on how to host the workshop inside the Miroboard, but here is a quick summary:

  • Collect random words from the participants.

  • Breakout participants into teams of max. 5 people.

  • Ask the participants to pick a team leader.

  • Ask team leaders to pick two words from the random words collected (this is your new startup).

Ask people to answer the investment criteria questions:

  1. What problem are you solving

  2. How does the product looks like (Sketch) 3) What's the business model.

  • Host a crazy 8's ideation session to help participants sketch the final product.

  • Make a final discussion on the details around the investment criteria.

  • Ask each leader of the team to quickly pitch the startup idea in under 2 min. + Q&A (Make questions fun).

  • Explain to everyone that they have 6 million euros/dollars as a team to invest in the best ideas.


  • Ask people to keep an open mind, the ideas won't make sense, but it's about forcing participants to make connections they wouldn't normally make.

  • Encourage fun discussions and questions, they add value to the atmosphere.


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