Business Idea Brainstorm


The Business idea brainstorm offers a simple approach to come up with a bunch of possible business options within 30 to 45 minutes by working with your team or even alone.

When to use the Business idea brainstorm?

As an entrepreneur, there will be moments in which you feel stuck because of a lack of ideas on what market to try to do good business. Use the Business idea brainstorm to start grabbing down some ideas and to know which ones are better suited for you in terms of passion or expertise.

How does the Business idea brainstorm work?

In this template, you will be guided to think about 4 core concepts that are key to every entrepreneur for their success according to the IKIGAI philosophy:

  • What you love

  • What you can do

  • What the world needs

  • What people will pay for

In the end, you will prioritize your ideas through a voting session, so you can save them into your market research backlog to run some tests before investing your money.


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