Techstars Startup Weekend Participant Dashboard


The Techstars Startup Weekend Participants Dashboard offers a comprehensive support system to your program experience, both for online and offline Startup Weekends!

This board works across to support multiple weekend touchpoints and is filled with a ton of resources, tools and milestones your team will need to bring your idea to life in 54 hours.

Milestone exercises have been added in chronological order (top to bottom) to take you through the weekend with ease! Take a moment to scroll through your board and familiarize yourself with the milestones before getting to know your team members!

This board is created as a guide to support your team's work and collaboration over the weekend - use it as a starting point to kick off a structured conversation with your team and bring everyone on the same page.

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Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars founders make connections and gain access to resources to grow their companies.
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