Techstars Startup Weekend Online Dashboard


The Techstars Startup Weekend Online Dashboard offers a comprehensive set of activities, support, resources and tools to help Startup Weekend organizers enhance and elevate the delivery of their program experience.

When to use Techstars Startup Weekend Online Dashboard?

We recommend Startup Weekend organizers use this Miro board to coordinate and centralize their Online Startup Weekend experience.

This board works across to support multiple weekend touchpoints and has been created to elevate different parts of your virtual experience, including:

  • activities & videos to get started with miro

  • icebreaker activities

  • Friday night pitching, voting & team formation

  • team registration

  • Startup Weekend Participant Board instructions and links

  • a fully stocked resource library

  • an organizer space & help desk framework

  • mentor profile and booking template

We recommend organizers and facilitators get set up and familiarise themselves with their individual dashboards a few weeks before their event. Organizers should feel free to add, remove, edit and personalize these boards in the best way that compliments their event!

How to get started on setting up your Techstars Startup Weekend Online Dashboard?

  • Do a quick overview of the board

  • Use the "Activities & videos to get started with Miro" board to get your team familiar with using Miro.

  • Next, take a look at the icebreakers and determine which ones you will use.

  • Familiarise yourself with the pitch board. Ensure your tech lead and facilitator(s) are comfortable with the format and understand the process.

  • Confirm your Team Registration process.

  • Edit the Team Formation & Team Registration slides in the resource library as needed to align with your event's process.

  • Decide your help desk, updates, and mentor booking process too - and update those boards as needed.

  • We've left a few blank frames in the resource library for you to edit and add information as needed too!

More detailed notes are available in the “Notes” section of the board.

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