Scrum Decision Poker


The template was designed to assist Scrum teams in clarifying responsibilities within and beyond the Scrum Guide and clarifying points in a working agreement.

I hope you will find it useful!

Please, don't hesitate to reach out to me with your suggestions, questions or comments :)

For What/Whom/When

What: Establishing agreement on the scope of influence for each role in different scenarios

Whom: Beneficial for Scrum teams


  • When you seek clarification on decision-making processes

  • During the establishment of a working agreement

Indicators that this workshop may be necessary:

  • Observing conflicts within the team regarding decision-making

  • Experiencing significant changes in team composition or environment (or forming a new team)

The idea behind the template

You might be acquainted with decision poker conducted between managers and subordinates. The principle remains consistent. Depending on the circumstances, the manager and subordinate may possess varying levels of influence on the decision, mirroring the dynamics within a Scrum team. Unclear responsibilities and circles of influence can result in misunderstandings, conflicts, heightened frustration, and diminished morale and collaboration.

This template facilitates the team in reaching a collective agreement in an engaging and playful manner.

How to use the template

Poker players

  • Scrum master

  • Product Owner

  • Developer team

  • Developer as individual

Steps to play

  1. Define rounds to play Determine the rounds to play by identifying the situations where roles need clarification. Do this by adding post-its to the Rounds section.

  2. Vote on the urgency of clarifying these situations (Optional)

  3. Start the poker round Begin the poker round by selecting a scenario post-it and placing it in the middle of the poker board.

  4. Gather the essentials, including drinks, for the game Clarify more details about the selected case to ensure a shared comprehension of the situation indicated by the post-it. List them in the conditions bubble.

  5. Deal Deal cards, with each team member distributing one small card to each player, with the option to reuse cards.

  6. Showdown Continue by discussing and agreeing on the best course of action for the selected situation based on the cards displayed.

  7. Record scores Document the outcomes by recording the consensual agreements regarding responsibilities and roles assumed by Scrum team members within the given scenario and its accompanying conditions on the scoreboard.

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Agnes Bodor
Scrum master
Hello there :) I love to improve cohesion, efficiency and communication. I am working as a scrum master. Please feel free to use my templates or give me feedback on them.
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