⚓️ Midnight Sailboat Retrospective



Transport your team to the delightful World of Papercraft, where we will sail the midnight seas together, and use our time riding tides to reflect on where we've done well and what we could improve for next time.


For who and for when?

This template is a perfect companion for teams who want to learn from recent sprints, projects, events or processes, and create actionable tasks and guiding principles to keep the future compass steady.


Why use this template?

This template is designed to take you on a visual experience that's easy to use, fun to explore, and most importantly it's actionable - so you can fully let go of your heaviest anchors and never meet the same sharks twice!



Cudos to the original creator of the Sailboat exercise, who devised a method so popular, it is impossible to identfy the first edition in amongst all the remakes. Good job! 🎉


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Lucie Agolini
Visual Experience Designer@CNVS & TMPLTS
Hi! 👋 I’m Lucie, and I’m on a mission to bring exceptional visual design and user experience to the world of workshop canvases. With over 15 years of creative problem solving, I craft elegant solutions to complex design requirements that not only look great, but are easy to use, engage participants, and achieve objectives. My goal is to create delightful experiences that get people talking, and inspire others to make the world a more visual place.
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