Retro Man Retrospective



This is a 60-90 minute retrospective inspired by retro arcade games. The goal of this retrospective is to help team members look back at a Sprint and evaluate how it went in terms of (1) satisfaction, (2) value delivered, and (3) motivation.

How to use this template

The template already contains all the elements you need to work with a team of up to 9 people. The retrospective will play out in two parts.

Part 1 has three rounds, beginning with SATISFACTION, where team members will place a token along a spectrum for that round. After each person has placed their token, the facilitator will gather insights (taking notes in the NOTES section) from the people on the furthest ends of the spectrum. The facilitator will then give the rest of the team a chance to share their reasons why. This flow will repeat for Round 2 and Round 3.

Part 2 is when the team will review the notes taken during Part 1 and think about everything that was discussed. The team will now decide on 1-2 actionable items to take away and implement for the next sprint. Have them do this by completing the following prompt as a group: "We can increase satisfaction, add value, and keep high levels of motivation by..."


  • Enjoy the theme and use it to lighten the mood.

  • Add or remove team tokens so that you have just the right amount for your team - three tokens per person.

  • If your team has challenges being called on, let them know at the start that you will be giving each member an opportunity to contribute by asking them to share their thoughts to the group.


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