🎩 Avatar Character Builder



Start your next session with a smile and a little creative warmth while we build our own avatars in stye!


For who and for when?

This activity is perfect for light-hearted introductions between new faes, or a little bit of fun for existing teams.

For some nice continuity, find ways to re-use the avatars throughout the rest of your workshop, meeting or documentation


Why use this template?

Because everyone loves making avatars! (Well known but as yet scientifically unproven fact).

It's fun, it breaks the ice, and encourages creative expression on screen. At the same time, we can use this opportunity to ask a few details from each participant - tweak the Post-It prompts as you see fit.



This avatar builder was part of a epic board design for the Miro Discovery Center. Thanks to Amanda Fellov and Sid van Wijk for their superb creative collaboration and permission to add this board to Miroverse.


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Lucie Agolini
Visual Experience Designer@CNVS & TMPLTS
Hi! 👋 I’m Lucie, and I’m on a mission to bring exceptional visual design and user experience to the world of workshop canvases. With over 15 years of creative problem solving, I craft elegant solutions to complex design requirements that not only look great, but are easy to use, engage participants, and achieve objectives. My goal is to create delightful experiences that get people talking, and inspire others to make the world a more visual place.
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