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Jurgen Appelo and unFIx have published several decks of cards. This Miro board offers to navigate through them.

Next to each card deck, you have a direct link to access the unFIx website documentation for this card deck.

The Miro board also offers several links to unFIX website documentation for the elements of the unFIX model, which are not yet covered by a card deck.

The board is in version 1.0. When unFIX publishes additional card decks, they can be added in a later version. Version 1.0 contains the following card decks: 24 Human Drives, Dependency Breakers, Crew Types, Delegation Levels, Teaming Options, Forum Types, Base Types, Decision Methods, My Votes, Innovation Vortex, Business Lifecycles, Investment Horizons.

You can contact if you need information about the board.


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Jord Rolland de Rengervé
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Jord Rolland de Rengervé is a Team Collaboration Catalyst. As an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Team Leader, Facilitator or Program Manager he support IT teams smoother way of working remotely and in office. Collaboration, Engagement and Systemic motivation are completing the Agile toolbox and Project organisation to foster team collaboration. Jord is a Sketch noter, Illustrator and Serious gamer.

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