Reflection Island: End of Year Team Retro


Reflection Island: End of Year Team Retrospective

This End-of-Year Retrospective tool is aimed to help teams look back on the past year, bond, share some laughs, and be hopeful for the year ahead.

Designed with an island theme, participants will explore different parts of the island and share their thoughts and experiences.

  • Time to Spill: Tell the team your not-so-dark secrets (think: favorite emojis, motivational song) and see what others have to say as well.

  • Best Moments of the Year: Share some photos and stories of your favorite moments with the team.

  • Team Skill Development: Reflect on the skills that you have gained or improved this past year.

  • Team Recap: Share with everyone your small and big wins, some unexpected teaching moments, and a teammate that you'd like to give kudos to.

  • Looking Ahead: Ponder on and share your visions for work and projects this upcoming year.

  • Project Reflections: Share your key learnings while working on projects.

  • Holiday Plans: Tell what you're looking forward to this holiday season.

This tool can be tweaked to change questions or remove topics. It can also be filled out individually to be discussed as a group or fill out as part of a dedicated team retrospective meeting.


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Aryanna Martin
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Aryanna is a strategist and researcher combining analytical thinking and human-centered design to solve problems and create compelling products, services, spaces, and business models. She is also a workshop facilitator and information designer. She was previously based in NYC and Berlin and is now residing in London.

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