Brainstorming & Ideation Prompt Cards


Flex Your Mind is an ideation workshop that aims to stretch participants’ minds and encourage them to explore ideas using a set of prompt cards containing different elements and variables.

As part of Discovery and Development process, participants sometimes need some nudges and inspiration to get them thinking and connect the different thoughts they have in their minds. This workshop is ideal for such situations due to its semi-structured approach with the use of the following elements:

  • Persona / Archetype - Refers to the individual/ users / character for whom we are designing

  • How Might We? Statement - Refers to the design challenge that has to be solved

  • Artifact - Refers to the object that is being designed.

  • Domain - Refers to the area/industry being tackled or touched by the solution or idea

The combination of all these elements will ideally inspire ideas among participants that they can illustrate in one or multiple Idea Cards.

This workshop can end with each individual or group sharing out the ideas they thought of. A follow-up workshop or session is also suggested to prioritize or vote on most promising ideas based on the criteria identified by facilitators.


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Aryanna Martin
Design Researcher & Strategist
Aryanna is a strategist and researcher combining analytical thinking and human-centered design to solve problems and create compelling products, services, spaces, and business models. She is also a workshop facilitator and information designer. She was previously based in NYC and Berlin and is now residing in London.

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