SCAMPER Creative problem solving


A creative problem solving technique that helps with ideation.

SCAMPER stands for:

  • Substitute: Replace a thing, or concept with something else

  • Combine: Unite. What? Who? Ideas? Materials?

  • Adapt: Adjust to a new purpose, re-shape? tune-up?

  • Modify:Change the colour, sound, motion, form, size. Make it larger, stronger, thicker, higher, longer. Make it smaller, slower.

  • Put it to another use: Change when, where, location, time, or how to use it

  • Eliminate: Omit, get rid of, cut out, simplify, weed out

  • Reverse: Change the order, sequence, pattern, layout, plan, scheme, regroup, redistribute

So state your problem, get creative, be brave, think the unthinkable! No bad ideas!


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