Sailboat Method


Simply put, the sailboat method is a metaphor that helps you visualise the crucial factors impacting your goal achievement. Your project or service is the boat. Sails are the obstacles that might help you, and the anchors are the factors stopping you from achieving your goal. Scissors and the buoys are the factors that will help you deal with the negative factors.

The sailboat method is an excellent method to use whenever you start something new or need a refresh, remobilise towards the goal achievement. The method will help you to zoom out from day-to-day activities and focus on the broader picture. Ideation regards each element will give you a chance to discover new unknowns and thus shift the thinking into new directions.

The method is also very flexible. You can use all of the elements - sails, anchors, scissors, and buoys - or skip some of them depending on your unique need.

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