8 Bit Hearts - A Retrospective



This 60-90 minute retrospective is inspired by retro games that used hearts to show how damaged or undamaged a player is. In honor of 8-bit designs, all graphics used in this retro were made by using, coloring, and grouping square shapes directly in Miro.

The purpose of this retrospective is to identify ways this past Sprint our "hearts" were full or empty, impacting our ability to feel impactful in our roles, with our work, or with our interpersonal interactions; SO THAT we can understand how to promote "full hearts" next Sprint. By the end of the activity, your group should have at least one thing they can do as individuals or as a team to replenish their "hearts" for the next Sprint OR keep their hearts from depleting.

How to use this template

The template already contains all the elements you need to work with a team of up to 9 people. The retrospective will play out in four segments:

  1. Intro: Review the purpose and outcome as a group. Describe each of the groupings participants will contribute to in step 2 (Treasure, Full Hearts, Empty Hearts).

  2. Gather Data: Ask participants to contribute to the board.

  3. Gather Insights: Facilitate an open conversation about the data.

  4. Decide: Brainstorm what could be done next Sprint to replenish empty hearts or keep full hearts.


Enjoy the theme and use it to lighten the mood.

If you want to customize the color of images, you can use the grouped shapes in the TEMPLATE frame.

If you want to have just images and reduce load time, use the JPEG version of the images in the EXAMPLE frame.


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Cody Wanberg
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Cody never stops striving to make everyone's life better- whether it be by facilitating a conversation or by providing the world's best laugh. He also knows how to tie a bow tie.
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