An Olympic Retrospective


How to run this workshop?

There are several elements to this retro template which can act as a bit of a pick n mix and can be ran in different orders with only the closing ceremony typically taking place at the end of the session. An example run through could look like:

  1. Long Jump Mood Gauge - Reflect on the previous sprint and place Jesse in the long jump where you think best reflects your feelings. This can be followed by clarifications/ discussion.

  2. Cursor Race - A one lap cursor race around a digital track. For larger teams this can be split into heats and a final, watch for lane exits and false starts!

  3. Olympic Quiz - Check your Olympic knowledge with a short Olympic Quiz marking answers with a dot vote before revealing correct answers.

  4. Retro Board and prompts - Using visual and question prompts teams get into the main element of the session. The questions and prompts are designed to seek continual improvement, bring up positives from the work, promote collaboration and openly discuss and blockers or issues. This component aims to generate insights, build trust within the team and ensure any potential efficiencies / improvements are captured.

  5. Dot Voting - Participants are each given 5 dot stickers (Olympic rings). They place these dot stickers next to options generated by the visual prompts above that they like. How they distribute those votes, is up to them e.g. vote on your own topics or pump all 5 into a single idea. To increase psychological safety, encourage that cursors are turned off for this aspect of the session

  6. Closing Ceremony - Closure of the session

  • We talked about what's important to me

  • I spoke openly

  • I'm confident we'll improve next iteration

Participants mark their opinion on the above statements according to the corresponding medal on the podium. 1st place GOLD is 100% agreement, 2nd place SILVER is 50% and 3rd place BRONZE is 0% agreement.

Credits - This board was a collaborative effort and would not have looked half as good without the help of Steven Sampson-Jones. Massive thanks for your help with this template (check out more of Steven's work here).

We hope you enjoy the session!


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Dave Westgarth
Digital Delivery Manager@BJSS
Dave Westgarth is currently working as a Delivery Manager @ BJSS. He serves on software development, automation, cloud and AI/ ML projects across the spectrum of delivery approaches.
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