Formula 1 Retrospective


Stage 1 - Icebreaker

This session kicks off with each member of the team adding a picture of their dream car to the board. Members then share why the car is their favourite and can supplement with some additional talking points e.g. where they would take the car for a first spin, who they would take on a road trip etc.

Stage 2 - Formula 1 Retrospective

Teams will then make their way around the board adding their thoughts and feelings while covering each of the themes listed: Constructors Championship - A look at what went well, what the team does really well and where the team is strong. Tire Change - Thinking about if we can deliver more value by making some changes. Also assessing if the wider environment has changed and how the team should respond to these changes. Clean Overtake - Here the team assesses how performance is improving on previous iterations. The team also consider how mitigation against blockers is performing and comment on any blockers that are now removed. And There's Been A Crash - The team reflect on what wasn't great in the last sprint and how this can be mitigated or prevented moving ahead. Pit Crew - The team reflect on whether there is any additional support they need from each other and also give considerations to how they can better serve their colleagues in the team. Pole Position - Here the team collates the actions to be taken forward that will help to deliver more value and ensure continuous improvement.

Stage 3 - Rate the Retro

Once all areas of the board have been covered invite the team to rate the retro by placing a dot/ shape/ post-it on the appropriate rating from 1 (Waste of time) to 5 (Productive and engaging session)


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Dave Westgarth
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Dave Westgarth is currently working as a Delivery Manager @ BJSS. He serves on software development, automation, cloud and AI/ ML projects across the spectrum of delivery approaches.
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