NBA Retrospective


Stage 1 - Icebreaker

Get the conversation flowing with a popular fantasy team building exercise. The table in the board includes several past and present NBA players, each member should pick their own team based on the max $12 team value.

Once individually chose the team comes together to make the case for their squad and collectively pick the 'best' 3 they can. Finally make sure to name your team something fun and creative!

Stage 2 - NBA Retrospective

Teams will then make their way around the board adding their thoughts and feelings while covering each of the themes listed:

Superteam - A look at what went well and where the team is strong

  • Trade Block - Thinking about what we could stop doing and what we could replace that with

  • Assists Leader - A chance to celebrate team members and discuss how the team can better support each other

  • Scout Report - Where the team can add items to look out for moving forward into future iterations

  • Defensive Stopper - The team reflect on what wasn't great in the last sprint and how this can be mitigated

  • GOAT Discussion - Here the team collates the actions to be taken forward that will help the team improve

Stage 3 - Rate the Retro

Once all areas of the board have been covered invite the team to rate the retro by placing a dot/ shape/ post-it on the appropriate rating from 1 (Waste of time) to 5 (Productive and engaging session)


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