Marvellous Retrospective


An agile retrospective: Marvel comic book edition


Add a sticky note with your initials to the hero’s personality trait which best resonates with your mood or general feeling within the team during the last time box/iteration.

Gather Data:

  • Iron Man, “I love you 3000”; provide credit where its due to colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Spider-Man, “Spidey-Sense”; where is your intuition telling you that there is a perceived danger lurking ahead?

  • Captain America, “S.H.I.E.L.D”; where can we block or deflect impediments or outside noise/interruptions?

  • Blank Panther, “Wakanda Forever”; how do we become more tech savvy and innovative

  • Doctor Strange, “Time Stone”; in hindsight what should we of done or delivered differently?

  • Antman; would it be beneficial working and releasing smaller batch sizes, if so what are the first steps on our path?

Decide What To Do:

After a quick “Infinity” sort, generate insights and discuss potential experiments which will help iterate our ways of working and culture.

Close - Return Of Time Invested:

On the gauge, mark with the Miro pen (p) how effective this retrospective and format has been during this time box. ‘0’ - total waste of time to the other end of the spectrum ‘6’ - totally effective!


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Steven Sampson-Jones
Head of Agile Delivery@UK Government
An enthusiastic doodler and visual artist, who enjoys putting those interests into agile workshops.
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