Star Wars Jedi Master Retrospective


Stage 1 - Icebreaker

Get the conversation flowing by building your own lightsabre choosing your preferred hilt and colours!

Stage 2 - The Skywalker Scale

Next place your lightsabre on The Skywalker Scale where you feel is right for the sprint that has just completed.

Once individually placed the team comes together to discuss their thoughts and the reasons why they have placed their lightsabre where they did.

Stage 3 - Jedi Master Retrospective

Teams will then make their way around the board adding their thoughts and feelings while covering each of the themes listed:

DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY - Discuss any commitments that weren't fulfilled and the tasks that were delivered on.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS OR WHAT TO DO WITH IT. AND I NEED HELP - A chance to shout out team members who have helped each other and raise any additional support that is needed.

IT'S OVER ANAKIN, I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND - Thinking around any environmental factors that can be exploited or mitigated to improve team performance.

BUT WHICH WAS DESTROYED, THE MASTER OR THE APPRENTICE? - A look at any blockers that were removed and if any further mitigation/ corrective actions are needed.

CONCENTRATE ON THE MOMENT. FEEL, DON'T THINK. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS - Reflection on any ideas/ themes that need more attention and how to maintain team focus during the sprint.

I WANT TO LEARN THE WAYS OF THE FORCE - Understanding what new knowledge the team have uncovered and commenting on any knowledge gaps that could/ should be addressed.

Stage 4 - Rate the Retro

Once all areas of the board have been covered invite the team to rate the retro by placing a dot/ shape/ post-it on the appropriate rating from 1 (Waste of time) to 5 (Productive and engaging session)


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