Football (soccer) Retrospective


Even if you're not a fan of football, this 60-minute retrospective inspired by the UEFA Euros is a great way to get your team to reflect on their recent work. (Don't worry, it can be adapted to any football or soccer event.)

The goal of this retrospective is to help team members look back at the last sprint/release cycle and

  1. evaluate how the team is working together

  2. identify what is getting in the way or slowing the team down

  3. prepare and encourage the team to think about upcoming work.


This retrospective is all about having fun and bonding as a team. Playing footie-themed music over the top as the team joins the meeting or add their tickets then it really heightens engagement and a sense of playfulness.


Emily Cheshire image
Emily Cheshire
UX Designer
Emily (she/her) is a UX Designer at Moneysupermarket Group and Accessibility ‘go to’ person there thanks to her passion for inclusive design.
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