Remote Lightning Decision Jam


Make faster decisions and find alignment, even when remote.

This traditional meeting killer is my go-to workspace when any project or team needs a little help deciding & prioritizing solutions. Adapted from AJ&Smart's Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ for the cool kids), this board is designed to be more of a fill-in-the-blank approach, making for easy adaptation by team members new to Miro and/or LDJs. Perfect for those times when you can't huddle up in a meeting room with a life-time supply of post-its and sharpies. But, it's just as easy to pick up and understand.

Each step of the exercise contains a preset number of sticky notes already added to the workspace. Which is meant to simulate participants walking into a room, picking up a stack of post-its and diving into some serious workshopping. Your number of sticky notes may vary based on the number of participants and how much information needs to be captured.

By including some easy preorganized areas, this setup is also facilitator friendly. Couple good examples being the "reframe problems as challenges" (How Might We) and the "Decide what to execute on" steps. Simply copy over your top voted challenges or solutions and fill out the corresponding sticky notes. Also, refer to the note area for workshop notes and a detailed outline of the process.


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Michael Strobel
Digital Product Designer
Michael Strobel is a digital product designer with 10+ years’ experience conceptualizing and crafting beautifully functional solutions across a range of industries.
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