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While working on idea validation as a part of the design thinking process, data collection is key to assess what steps need to be taken to achieve business viability. Therefore, making the collection of data more and more effective has always been prior of importance to us.

The Qualitative Interview Board presents the complex tool for carrying out the qualitative interview in an interactive way. As it contains questions as well as space for a transcript, it allows both an interviewer and transcriber to interact, ask the questions and make a transcript, all in an efficient way at one place in Miro.

Our template was originally used for the qualitative research with households among different lifecycle stages, however, it can be easily modified and used for any qualitative interview!

How to use the template

  • Before the interview: Surely, there are several topics you would like to find answers to. Firstly, state the topics you would like to explore in your research. Secondly, create questions to the topics and type them next to the topics' areas.

  • Before or at the beginning of the interview: Make sure to collect demographic data and character attributes about your interviewee which will help you to identify the segment and will be valuable during the evaluation of the data.

  • Beginning of the interview: Start off with the general questions to find out the interviewee's personality and to create a friendly atmosphere.

  • During the interview: Interact with the transcriber. If they get lost while transcribing, make use of the "Bring everyone to me" function in Miro to find out which question you are currently at.

  • During the interview: If you are making the recording of the interview, make the use of boxes above the questions to mark the time of the topic for quick orientation in video or voice recording.

  • After the interview: Lastly, as a part of the quick follow up after the interview, you and the transcriber can quickly go through the transcript and mark which information are insightful by changing the colour of the sticky note. This will help you to proceed quickly while analysing the data.


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