Participatory Workshop for Prototyping


While working on idea validation as a part of the design thinking process, validating the idea with potential customers by prototyping a new product or service is crucial.

As a part of the prototyping process, preparation is the key to the success.

The Participatory workshop for prototyping template presents the tool which will guide you while carrying out a workshop focused on brainstorming and answering the questions about the prototype product or service.

How to use the template?

  1. As a part of the workshop preparation, define the workshop's topic and challenge to give the workshop participants a clear idea about the activity.

  2. Firstly, start the workshop with brainstorming. Use different sticky notes to mark the groups and their ideas.

  3. Secondly, continue with a classification of the brainstormed ideas using the effort-impact framework to evaluate their potential.

  4. Consequently, use the questions to explore the prototype idea. After answering the questions, let's look at the customer path to discover how the prototype should work.

  5. Lastly, look at the requirements such as the time or budget needed to carry out the prototyping.

Good luck with your prototyping workshop!


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