Qualitative Interview Analysis


While working on idea validation as a part of the design thinking process, data collection is key to assess what steps need to be taken to achieve business viability. Therefore, making the collection of data and its evaluation more and more effective has always been prior of importance to us.

The Qualitative Interview Analysis template presents the comprehensive way how to not only analyse the data from qualitative interviews but also to present them as final outputs of qualitative research to the client or the management. One board is primarily used for one segment or group of customers, however, it can be copied to create a comprehensive analysis for multiple customer segments in the research.

Our template was originally used for the qualitative research with households among different lifecycle stages, however, it can be easily modified and used for any qualitative interview analysis!

How to use the template

  1. Start in the area Key topics & insights followed by the Emerged topics. While analysing the data from the transcript, this is the area when you will be adding data and grouping them into your topics.

  2. While analysing the interviews, do not forget to fill out the Respondents Characteristics & Information which helps you to define your segment.

  3. The areas such as Problems and necessities helps you to explore the top pains and needs of your segment (What?), evaluate them and find our why these are the point of focus within your segment (Why?).

  4. Have you noticed that some topics, problems or key insights are repeating? The Reoccurring insights area is right there for you to showcase the importance of such findings.

  5. After the data analysis, look at Character attributes for the segment and try to characterise the segment based on your insights from the interviews' analysis.

  6. Lastly, create the descriptions of your key findings in the Summary sections and the main summary of the board to provide a complex explanation of your data.


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