Ideation Workshop

In this template there are 7 creative frameworks that will help you to find fresh ideas, solve product problems at different levels and in some cases come up with a new business project. Tools are divided into 2 days and step by step motivate teams to think non-linearly, which helps to find breakthrough solutions. This board can be a part of design thinking workshop - an event where design teams come up with ideas, create and test product prototypes for a short period of time.

For whom. Methodologies and mechanics are suitable for teams and people who want to develop something new: a service, product, feature, etc.

PS: using this set of methodologies, we generated 76 ideas for the big finance product in 2 days online.


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When the Apple App Store launched in 2008, so did we. Since then we have built over a hundred apps for enterprise, global brands and star.

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