Growth Hacking Ideation Workshop


Expand Your Business with Inspiring Growth Hacking Ideation Workshop

Do you want to kick-start a growth hacking program in your company or organization but you’re a bit lost trying to define your growth objective, ideas, hypothesis? You are not alone! Having worked with hundreds of companies as growth consultants and practitioners across the globe, we’ve seen the same barrier all over again:

“My team comes up with a lot of ideas, but we have absolutely no idea where to start.”

“Formulating hypotheses is more an exception to a rule than vice versa in my organization.”

“Scoring ideas takes forever and I have no clue if my prioritization is any good.”

Kick off growth process by running a growth ideation workshops for yourself of your clients. Growth Ideation Workshop will produce dozens, sometimes hundreds of applicable growth experiment ideas.


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GTM Strategist
Go-To-Market Strategist@Maja Voje
GTM Strategist by Maja Voje is an actionable step-by-step handbook packed with tactics and strategies from 100+ leading go-to-market (GTM) experts, from companies such as: Miro, Hubspot, Figma, Metabase, CXL, and many more. This book is a comprehensive guide to your go-to-market strategy. It guides you to launch a new product and achieve product-market fit without being overwhelmed.
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