Phoenix Bird Retrospective


Phoenix Bird Retrospective

Time to run it: 60 - 90 minutes

This retrospective template has 4 parts:

A) Ice breaker - use an ice breaker that will help your team feel comfortable and be present. You can use this question or whatever you think works.

B) Follow-up - this part is dedicated to inspecting how the experiments for improvement done by the team went (these are actions identified in previous retrospectives that the team decided to experiment with) and to deciding whether to keep it going or to drop it off and find other actions.

This is also the moment to assess if the Sprint Goal was achieved or not (if contradictory answers, you just found a new topic for a further retrospective to better define your Sprint Goals 😊)

C) Insights and data gathering - this is the moment to dive even deeper into how the previous iteration went and what could have been done differently and to find ways for improvement.

If the first 2 parts are quite similar for all retrospectives, for this third part, the template was inspired by Phoenix bird:

1 - What made us shine during this sprint? (what worked really well during this sprint and we are proud of)

2 - What broke our wings during this sprint? (what prevented us from doing things even better)

3 - How can we fly higher next sprints? (what do we have to do to improve in the next sprints)

4 - Whose 'bird' you would like to thank for what it did in this sprint? (who helped/inspired/challenged you and you would like to thank for)

Allocate 10 - 15 minutes for team members to answer individually to each question and then take it one by one and discuss the answers and share ideas

After gathering all this information, find Ways for improvements and define actions/experiments that the team wants to implement in the next period and plan it.


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