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As part of Product Discovery, cross-functional product teams should be given the autonomy and freedom to explore the solution space on their own. Their complementary skills and perspectives lead to objectively better and more creative ideas than top-level management can come up with. But in order to harness this creativity, it takes structure. That's why I created this step-by-step ideation session template for teams to use during Product Discovery. I've incorporated proven ideas from my own experience and from others, while providing enough flexibility to make it your own.

For the "context" stage, I recommend frameworks like Impact Mapping, which can quickly bring participants up to speed in terms of recently gathered user insights. Throughout the ideation process, I encourage a "together alone" working mode, giving individuals the freedom to sort their thoughts without the bias and pressure of group thinking.

The session should end with a prioritization of the identified ideas. Here it's important to keep an iterative and experimental mindset for the following steps of your Product Discovery: Think how easy it would be to launch an experiment around this idea and how high your confidence is at the moment in terms of creating the changes in behavior you have prioritized.

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Tim is a Product Management Coach and Consultant. He’s driven by the mission to enable Product Teams to become the best version of themselves by rethinking leadership across hierarchies and collaboration beyond the office building.
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