Facilitating Collaborative Product Development


H&R Block partnered with Miro for the March, 24th 2021 virtual webinar workshop, “Facilitating Collaborative Product Development”

Distributed teams wonder the same thing: How do we engage our people and create an amazing product — remotely? During this interactive workshop, Product & Experience leaders from H&R Block explored how to be “better together” by encouraging teamwork and promoting diversity.

In this unique Miroverse template submission, you’ll learn how to run a robust workshop from end to end for up to 50+ participants. You’ll learn tips on how to:

  • Welcome & warm up participants

  • Set the stage to capture your audience’s attention

  • Thoughtfully progress through content in a way that’s easily followed

  • Facilitate break-out activities like a pro (they don’t have to be scary)

  • End on an inspirational high note while inviting transparent feedback

  • How to use the template:

To see the template in action, check out the Facilitating collaborative product development workshop video. Also see session recap notes for some quick highlights, as well as gain access to the completed workshop board with real inputs from our amazing Miro community!

The boards were designed by Miro Expert, HUED

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