Miro Communications Kit


What is the internal communications kit?

This board has resources to help any customer promote Miro within their company. It has messaging templates that you can use to send internal messages to the company, a schedule to promote Miro, a Lunch and Learn agenda, ideas for a Miro messaging channel and more.

You can use as much or as little of the content from this communications kit as you'd like. This board was built to fit into your busy schedule.

Why internal communications?

By giving you the tools you need to promote Miro, you have complete control of what is being said, who is receiving communications about Miro and when. Internal communications about Miro is a great solution for companies that are wary of external marketing communications to their employees.

Increase awareness of Miro within your company

This internal communications kit and the ideas suggested within will help you promote Miro within your company and increase the number of employees who use Miro everyday. 

This communications kit was built for new companies using Miro for the first time, companies that would like to increase the number of Miro users, or companies that want to deepen Miro usage within their already active base.

Anyone who is excited about having Miro at their company can use this communications kit!


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Alessandra Wike
Enterprise Lifecycle Marketing Manager@Miro
Alessandra is a lifecycle marketing expert focused on helping customers solve their problems. When she's not working, you can find her hanging out with her cat and trying to finish her first novel.

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