Meeting Board


The Meeting Board is a versatile and intuitive template designed to streamline and simplify your team meeting planning and execution, whether it's an internal meeting or a client call.

This template allows you to structure all the key aspects of your meeting in a clear and detailed way, enhancing productivity and ensuring all participants are on the same page.

Key features of the template include:

  1. List of meeting participants: This section allows you to list all the people involved in the meeting, thus facilitating communication and task delegation.

  2. Agenda: This is where you can outline all the topics that will be discussed during the meeting, providing a roadmap that keeps the discussion focused and efficient.

  3. Meeting objectives: Clearly stating what you aim to achieve in the meeting will align all participants and keep the discussion on track towards achieving these goals.

  4. Detailed to-do list: This section will help you plan what needs to be done after the meeting, ensuring no task is forgotten and facilitating follow-ups.

  5. Notes for the next meeting and issues to be resolved beforehand: This section will help you prepare for future meetings, addressing any unresolved issues, and ensuring a smooth transition from one meeting to the next.

Through the Meeting Board template, meetings become a source of clarity and progress, rather than confusion and stagnation. Use it to keep your team organized, informed, and focused on what truly matters.

Enjoy it!


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Mirko Maiorano
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I'm passionate about Product Management, startup, fintech, e-commerce, growth marketing, and economics. I've worked in IT and digital since 1999 and have specialized in Growth Product Management, data analysis, online advertising, content marketing, and digital innovation. I'm a partner and Head of Growth at 20tab, one of Italy's most innovative companies in specialized consulting in digital product development and management. In my free time, I write about business, growth marketing & startups.
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