Easter Egg Retrospective


Easter Egg Retrospective

The Easter Egg Retrospective is a fun Easter-themed activity designed to reflect on team progress and dynamics. The exercise will take approximately 20 minutes. Before starting with the first question, it's recommended to start with an icebreaker or check-in question (e.g. What is your favourite Easter memory from your childhood?) to set the tone and explain the exercise to the team.

Step 1: Easter Eggs (5 minutes):

The first question is about what is going well in the team and their (proudest) achievements. Set the timer to 4 minutes, play some Easter-themed music and let the team write down their answers on the yellow sticky notes. When the time runs out, ask everyone to collect the stickies and place them in the basket below.

Step 2: Cracked Eggs (5 minutes):

The next section is about what didn't go as planned - what was holding the team back and what they should stop doing. Set the timer to 4 minutes, play some music and let the team write down their answers on the green sticky notes. We suggest using the "Private mode" function in order to really get honest answers. When the time is up, collect the sticky notes in the basket below.

Step 3: Magical Eggs (5 minutes):

The third question is about what the team sees as its biggest pain points. If they could improve anything without limitations, what would be the first thing? Set the timer to 4 minutes, use the "Private mode" function, play some music and let the team write down their answers on the pink stickies. After the timer rings, end the "Private mode" function and ask the team to help you collect their answers in the third basket.

Step 4: Chocolate Bomb (5 minutes):

The last step is about team appreciation and recognition. It encourages teammates to share their gratitude with their team and teammates. It helps build a more supportive and cooperative work environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and is motivated to contribute their best. Set the timer to 4 minutes and play some upbeat music. After 4 minutes, collect the white sticky notes in the chocolate basket.

Step 5: Discussion

Ask someone from the team to read all sticky notes. Take a closer look at the Cracked and Magical Eggs section. Discuss the content and how the team can overcome the obstacles mentioned. To make the discussion easier, try grouping the stickies by content or use the "Voting" function to identify the most painful impediments. Don't forget to make a commitment and action plan.

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