Retro Up to 11


This is a fun retrospective based on the movie Spinal Tap and on the legendary scene, where the Marshall amplifier goes up to 11. The whole exercise will take cca 20 minutes.

Step 1: Check-In (4 minutes):

Watch the video Up to eleven first then the participants write down answers to two questions: What song/band do you hate and mute it immediately? What is your favourite band/song and you always put the volume up 11?

Step 2: Retrospective (12 minutes):

Mute (4 minutes): The participants answer the questions such as: What are the things in the team that you would mute? That you would like to stop doing them? What bothers you, slows you down as a team?

Play (4 minutes): The participants answer the questions such as: What do you think is ok, not great but good enough? Which things can stay as they are? What doesn't have to change?

Up to 11 (4 minutes): The participants answer the questions such as:What do you really like?What is truly awesome in your team? What makes you happy, content, and satisfied?


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Switch to Eleven
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