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Hot Air Balloon Team Reflection (handdrawn)

What Is it?

This handdrawn template is perfect for team stepbacks, simple retros or reflection sessions with teams! It offers an engaging and fun way to get a team reflecting on their performance and progress towards their goals/vision. It helps ensure that everyone gets heard and alignment is created on the current state and the interventions required to further progress.

When to Use the Canvas?

As a leader or facilitator there are moments when a team needs to pause and reflect on performance, in order to course correct and regroup. This pause from day to day activity is a critical moment to ensure alignment and buy-in on team plans and ways of working. Use the canvas at these touch points. These can be scheduled periodically to support moving from forming, storming, norming and performing (Bruce Tuckman's team development model) or when you notice team behaviors require an intervention.

Why Use It?

Because handdrawn elements bring a whimsical and fun energy into work, and who couldn't use more of that on a day to day basis?! Plus no one ever complained of too much alignment or shared understanding in a team.

How to Use It?

Start by aligning on your vision (the sun) (or bring in your vision or goals that you have already created), next talk about what's lifting you up and holding you back, identifying themes across these areas. Finally agree what is most important for the team to address and add these to the clouds.

Have fun and let the lighthearted spirit of the canvas ignite inspiration and creativity!

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