Draw Your Profession / Hobby | Icebreaker


This simple game can be used in a workshop or meeting to break the ice and get to know each other better in a fun and creative way!

Rules (can also be found directly on the board):

Round 1

  • Choose one of the frames below and write your name on the white sticky note

  • Do not use words, numbers, Icons, images ....

  • You have 3 minutes

Round 2

  • Try to guess the professions (or hobbies) of the other participants

  • Write down your guess on a sticky note and add it somewhere in the frame

  • You have 2 minutes

If help is needen or for any further questions, ideas and feedaback:

Join the "Gamification with Miro | #Mirofication" Group in the community

And Most Important: HAVE FUN! :D


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